Live/Tracking Room

Our Live/Tracking room is a versatile 30 metre squared performance and tracking space with a good balance of absorption, diffusion and reflective surfaces. It’s ambience and acoustic qualities make it the perfect space for recording drums, full bands and small ensembles.
Whether you’re part of a group looking to record a live session without too much post production, or in a rock band wanting a tight sound, our live room caters perfectly for your needs.
The control area features a 27” i5 iMac with quad core processing running Logic Pro X as the main DAW. We have a selection of audio interfaces, pre amps and other outboard gear with an RME UFX used as the main AD\DA converter and a pair of Focal Shape 65s as main monitors.

AmpPercussion Booth

“The amp/percussion booth is a great option for isolating percussion or louder instruments (e.g. electric guitar) during a full band recording. It can also be used for duos or trios playing requiring a very low noise floor. The booth is well treated acoustically with a mixture of absorption and reflective surfaces and offers musicians an alternative to the Live room as another isolated space for recording.

Vocal/Instrument Booth

Our booth is a heavily isolated room treated with a lot of absorption and it provides a very tight sound and incredibly low noise floor.
The booth is primarily used for vocals, acoustic instruments and for any lead instrumentalists requiring a dampened sound. It also caters perfectly for writers/poets or for any spoken word projects.
A HD Flat screen T.V is provided to aid any artists with lyrics or images.